Forum Title: Question For Carpenters From Painters
Okay, this is something I have been curious about for about 20 years. In the opinion of a professional carpenter, what would be considered standard practice for using wood glue with raw wood? This is of particular interest to me lately because I just finished staining and finishing 5 consecutive jobs where windows were replaced by 5 seperate carpenter crews and all 5 smeared glue on the wood at the mitres. A few of them actually used the glue like a caulk in between two pieces of wood. So, I am curious if this would be considered hack work or is the regular, every day carpenter just not aware that smearing glue on wood that is to be stained is a bad thing to do? I'm looking for the norm here....I'm wondering how much complaining I'm allowed to do with this before I become unreasonable.
Category: General Contractor Post By: ROGER TORRES (San Mateo, CA), 03/05/2018

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