Tell us your story about the latest trend by customers who penny pinch and barter down the poor carpenters profit margin. Althou its always been usual by the customer to do a deal with the carpenter or builder and get a competitive rate for estimates,we have never had so many expect our rates to go backwards instead of keeping up with even the basic inflation rate in the UK. In the UK we are now inundated with cheap overseas ethnic Balkan,African,Asian labour,who undercut our skilled tradesmen,not only are they cheap but most are crap. Many customers are so nieve into believing that they will get great quality work at a lower cost,they go ahead and employ this cheap overseas labour,then regret it because they got inferior work. Also it seems that many of our customers are of certain ethnic groups who find it natural to barter you down and get the job done for next to nothing,and even after they accept your estimate they request other jobs to be slipped in at no extra cost to themselves.cheeky sods. Its got so bad now that even the British customers are getting in on the act and behaving just like them. Can you imagine if I said to the mortgage company,I only want to pay you this amount,they would have no hesitation in telling you where to go. At the end of the week I have to pay my lads wages who have families,by luck this time next year we will still be here offering competitive good quality work,so customers DONT BARTER too much.
Category: General Contractor Post By: JESSIE HAYNES (El Cajon, CA), 02/13/2018

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