Forum Title: How Do You Guys Finish The Jambs On Garage OHD's
I know there 10 different ways to skin a cat, just curious as to how guys finish the jambs on OHD openings: Have the block/curb rough opening 3 larger than OHD size and run 2x6/8 inside the jambs to create a jamb/brickmold in one? Have the mason make the opening exact width of OHD and then use the 2x6/8 jambs end up flush with block/curb on inside of opening? and then cut the jamb/bricmold material off flush with bottom plate? Just curious, we did a garage that was poured by a contractor we've never used before that was HO's friend, and he made the block opening exactly 9' for the doors. When I questioned it, he said to build the walls so the 2x6 jamb/brickmold would sit on top of blocks....essentially making the brickmold at the bottom end at the bottom course of the siding, so from bottom of corner post to bottom of corner post all the way across, nothing hangs down below that point....there is nothing below the top of the block/below the bottom plate. then the door seal will hang down past and overlap the block so OHD gets a full seal. I understand the principal of why, since due to frost heave it wont bend the aluminum that caps the 2x6/8 jambs since jambs are no where near the garage slab to approach joint. But personally I think it looks like azz, looks unfinished. The concrete guy took on the condesending tone of your stupid, this is how it's supposed to be and it does'nt matter what it looks like. I asked, well, what about the service door, why did'nt just block it and have us set the door on the block since that will be close to the sidewalk and be prone to heave? and was told, we'll just dig that down so there's a step up to the sill. So your going to have a low spot since everything on all sides is higher grade then I asked? we'll do what we have to do so when it heaves it wont get affected. Like I said, I understand the principal, but it looks like complete garbage. The guy had the HO sold over the phone before he passed the phone to me, so I asked 3 times before we did anything if he's sure that's what he wanted as I've never seen a garage around town like that (I made it a point everywhere I went this a.m. to hawk on garages to see how the jambs were done and all were the same...ran'em down the slab with a lil gap to allow for heave. I know just cuz other's do it does'nt mean it's right, but a case can be made for either not looking to pit one method against the other, but this is the first I've ever heard and ultimately left the brickmold and jambs flush with bottom plate and personally I think it looks terrible as did everybody else over there but the HO. Just curious is all.
Category: General Contractor Post By: BRENT CALDWELL (Mountain View, CA), 02/28/2018

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