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or as my grandmother calls them, kah-yums. Just wondering what method you all use for changing out columns on a front porch. I have installed lots of them, but all but a few of them have been on new construction. Actually, I guess I have installed somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 or so, 20 of which were on one job . Anyways, this job I will be changing out six wooden columns, 8x8, for six polyclass columns. The new ones will be square 8x8 also. My question is this, what method do each of you usually use? I normally would just first check to insure that the beam on the existing columns is level, then I would measure the height at each column and write it down. Then I would use a bottle jack to raise up the roof about an 1/8 or so, demo the old column, and the slide the new one in, fasten it, lower the beam back down onto the column, and then move to the next. Is this pretty much par for the course as the most sensible way to do it? I only ask this, because, someone today said are their other ways to do this? when I was explaining my plan of it just got me curious if there is an easier or more sensible way to do it. Anybody? Anybody?
Category: General Contractor Post By: DARLENE REID (Lynwood, CA), 03/01/2018

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